Great Things Take Time

 We all have dreams and aspirations. Having the desire to become something great is in our DNA. Not a single soul seeks pain and suffering that we sometimes face. By nature, humans are programmed to desire the best in life. And thus we are hell-bent on feeding our desires. We are always in pursuit of something to fill our void. Be it happiness, deep connections, relationships, peace, love, success, higher education, excellence, riches, and even power. What gives your life meaning. What gives your life purpose. What gives your life value. That is what we desire. And that’s exactly what we spend our mind, body, and souls pursuing.


And in our pursuit, we misunderstand the process.  More often than not we run after instant gratification. The overnight success mentality. But consider for a moment the application of such an inept way of doing things. The kind of a house you would build if you couldn’t wait for the foundation to be at least 50 per cent cured. The kind of a doctor you’d make if you are averse to the relentless hours of practice required. Not great, right? It takes time to achieve something exceptional. And great ambitions requires patience.


Just think about all the difficult things in life that are made easy through patience. It takes a shit-tonne of hours for a magician to learn a clean-mindblowing sleight of hand and another fuck load to perfect it.  I mean it took around seven years for that Leo dude to complete the Mona Lisa. And one thing we can all agree on is that she is one hell of a beauty!  Let’s put it this way, the obstacle between you and your greatest masterpiece – assuming you putting in the work – is patience; time. Time to figure out who you are. Time to riddle out what you aspire to be. Time to learn your craft. Time to perfect it. Time to grow; both as a person and in your profession. So, find your passion, put in the work, and be patient. Take your time.


And remember,

Be positive. Be true. Be you.



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14 thoughts on “Great Things Take Time

  1. ? Very nice piece and sooo relevant in our lives that we a living and surely gave me some motivation. You have such a great talent Cuzo. Way to go. Can’t wait for the next one.

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